Student Sleep Out

This month we were absolutely delighted when a group of undergraduate Management students from Bath University approached us with the idea of holding a sleep out on their campus grounds, just outside the main library. Raising almost £1000, this group of brave students have made a huge difference to the lives of hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in Bath. We asked what motivated them and how it felt to sleep outside.

“We all take a good night’s sleep for granted. Until you’ve experienced what it’s like not to have a roof over your head, you don’t realise how lucky you are. Some people have to get up and work after sleeping rough. Judging by our attitudes in the morning, it really puts into perspective how challenging it is for rough sleepers to earn a living.

On the night we were not blessed with good weather, however rough sleepers cannot pick and choose what days they sleep out. The hardest part by far was the discomfort of lying on the hard ground. This morning we all woke up amazed that people are able to do this every night, and it has increased our drive to make a difference.”

If you’d like to hold your own event please download our Fundraising Pack or contact our Community and Events Manager Hilary.