Celebrating, Walking, Fundraising

Faith Smith, who has been volunteering for Genesis Trust as a Street Pastor for 9 years, has just completed the 60 mile walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal accompanied by her husband and son- both in celebration of her 60th birthday and to raise money for us!

Faith says she has always enjoyed working with Street Pastors; a team of volunteers who walk around the streets of Bath on weekend nights to ensure that people are kept safe. “I feel it is an honor to be able to do this work and to give something back to the community”. Her idea for the 60-mile walk came from reading a brochure about our Walcot Street Appeal which will aim to give homeless and disadvantaged people new opportunities to move forward in their lives. Faith wanted to mark her birthday in style, and help support this new initiative.

After getting tips from a professional walker and going on several training walks, Faith bought some new boots and socks, and hit the road! Volunteers dropped her family off at the start of the track and helped her to raise the funds. Lots of generous donors also threw coins into the Genesis bucket Faith carried with her along the trail.

By the end of the walk the whole family had sore feet and blisters, but that didn’t take away from their amazing accomplishment. “Although this was one of the hardest things we have done as a family we feel so proud to have been able to do this and to raise such a lot of money for this good cause”.

What an inspirational idea, well done Faith and family!

In total, Faith has raised over £1700.

A big thank you to all those involved.

Check out their video