Genesis Next Step Appeal Update

Image showing artist's impression of new Genesis Centre on Walcott Street, Bath

As we start 2018 we want to let everyone know what is happening with our new building on Walcot Street.

The Next Step Appeal, the first round of fundraising for our new Genesis Centre is now completed. We have been humbled and delighted by the support we have received from the Bath community and beyond for this exciting and ambitious project to restore a dilapidated building and give it a new lease of life serving our community for at least the next 99 years. We would like to thank donors, fundraisers, churches, trusts, partners and friends for the hard work, enthusiasm and determination which has led us to this exciting point in our development.

As often happens with a project like this, particularly in a World Heritage City like Bath, there have been some technical issues with the site which means that we have had to rework the original plans. This has given us the opportunity to develop a larger and more flexible space which will enable us to serve both our beneficiaries and the wider community better. We are in discussions with Bath & North East Somerset council and expect adjusted plans to be submitted shortly.

The Genesis Centre will give some of Bath’s most disadvantaged people opportunities to take their next step towards independence and employment. At the heart of this is our new Genesis Pathways Programme which is currently being piloted. We aim to empower individuals to take control of their lives, reconnect with society via our own and other projects and become employed where possible.

Pathways will be different for every person based on their unique needs and circumstances.  Our staff and specially trained volunteers will work closely with individuals at the Genesis Centre to increase their capacity, confidence and willingness to meaningfully engage in the community. It builds on the outcomes and identified need from our established projects, most notably our Furniture Project which has a proven track record of helping the long-term unemployed via a work placement and mentoring scheme.

Pathways, along with Life Skills, our central office, and exciting new projects designed to help people prepare themselves for work will be based in the new building.

We expect to break ground later this year, subject to the conversations we are having about planning. We will keep you updated as this exciting new project develops so please check back here for further information.