Horticultural Social Enterprise Scheme to Help Grow Skills

We are pleased to announce an exciting new project for 2019!

Genesis is partnering with Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) Council and another charity, Grow for Life, in a horticultural and gardening social enterprise.

Genesis will run the garden centre in Royal Victoria Park, which is currently run by B&NES, and also introduce further exciting products and services. For details of when products and services will be available, and for when the garden centre will open, please sign up for our regular email newsletter.

The new garden centre will provide work and training opportunities for our marginalised and vulnerable clients, and for those with ongoing mental health issues. We will work in collaboration with another local charity, Grow for Life, to deliver an accredited horticultural training programme.

Horticultural therapy has a wide range of benefits including:

• Improved physical fitness and strength through working in the fresh air
• Improved mental wellbeing
• Greater opportunities to socialise and improve communication skills
• Learning how to grow your own healthy food
• A renewed sense of purpose and self esteem
• Acquiring horticultural skills which may lead to potential employment

Alongside volunteering and training opportunities, the new project will provide a contemporary range of plants for sale to the public. The profit will be used to support our other projects.

Michelle Williams, the Genesis lead for developing this project, said: “this is an exciting opportunity for Genesis to set up a new social enterprise in the heart of Bath, and provide a wide range of work and training opportunities to those we support.

We are grateful to the B&NES Parks Team for their support and collaboration, and we look forward to helping many more vulnerable people move forwards in their lives in the coming years.”

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