John Lewis Secondment at Genesis Trust

The John Lewis Golden Jubilee Trust awards 60 places each year to its staff partners to enable them to work in charities across the UK. This year, Liz Langley was the successful candidate at the Bristol Cribbs Causeway store and we were absolutely delighted that, with our help, she was able to join us on a placement. Liz has been with us since September and has had a very productive few months getting stuck in to our Pathways Programme; a new initiative which aims to help our clients develop independence, increase well-being and secure employment.

Liz, who is Beauty Section Manager for John Lewis, brings with her a wealth of experience working in retail and has spent the last few months re-merchandising the Furniture Project shop, as well as developing assessment tools and a handbook for the Pathways Programme. Having previously worked with apprentices through the John Lewis Development Programme, Liz also shares her experience working with and mentoring vulnerable adults. “I have been given an amazing opportunity to work with Genesis Trust and I am really enjoying the experience and the fact that I can use my skills to make a difference. It is very impressive to see up close the quality of what is being achieved at Genesis Trust.  I have been very moved by some of the people I have met and their stories”.

Sadly, Liz will be leaving us in January but she will continue to volunteer and play a key role in our future plans. Paul Solly, Head of Client Development, who has worked closely with Liz describes her input- “It has been a wonderfully creative process to have Liz working alongside me whilst we build the structure of the Pathways Programme.  Liz is warm-hearted and has a great interest in the work of Genesis.  I am in no doubt that the eventual shape of Pathways will owe a lot to Liz”.

We have been truly blessed to have Liz on board and would like to thank John Lewis for making possible the opportunity to share knowledge and skills across our organisations, and also to Liz for all her hard work!