Award winning author Nathan Filer celebrates publication of Life Skill’s Creative Writing book

Members of the Life Skills Creative writing group were delighted to receive support from local author Nathan Filer when a collection of their work was published this week. The group has been running for 6 years and is co ordinated by volunteer Letti Prescott, a creative writing graduate of Bath Spa University. Thanks to sponsorship from local Genesis supporters Leonard Pearcey and Peter Child, the group selected 15 stories and poems for the collection together with original illustrations. Nathan Filer has written a foreword for the book and gave an interesting talk  to the book’s contributors about his own journey into writing and being published. Nathan praised the group’s courage in going to print :  “To put our work “out there” is act of true generosity (and more than a little brave). It’s a way of reaching out to strangers, and connecting with them. As readers we all know the value of this – how reading can transport us into whole other worlds, how it can help us to empathise with people we might otherwise never meet, and how it can make us feel less alone” . The books can be purchased for £5, please call Denise on 01224 463549.

Contributor’s Anna, Alex and Marian with co ordinator Letti Prescott