Owl Kintsugi Takes Flight

Our beautiful owlet Kintsugi has landed on the streets of Bath as part of Minerva’s Owls of Bath art trail. The trail consists of over 80 decorated owls that are displayed across the city. Kintsugi can be found outside Boston Tea Party in Kingsmead Square.

Kintsugi was named after and inspired by the Japanese art of  ‘Golden Rejoining’, which involves using broken ceramics and restoring them with gold adhesive, leaving the restoration visible. We adopted this design as we value what Kintsugi represents; the brokenness of people’s past is an integral part of their unique story and we aim not to cover it up but to embrace it and help people move on.

Creating our owlet has been a truly collaborative effort and has enabled clients, staff and volunteers to come together and produce something to be proud of. Our clients designed and created sections of the mosaic at our Life Skills project. Eddy, one of the participants, said: “It was a hoot! It was good fun making the sections and seeing it finished.”

This creative project could not have happened without the incredible generosity of Epoch Wealth Management who kindly sponsored Kintsugi and also the wonderful mosaic artist Angela Nash who offered her expertise, as well as a generous donation of materials.

We would also like to thank the wonderful team at Boston Tea Party for taking care of Kintsugi during the trail.