Taking God’s Love to the Streets

Guest Article by Rob Trickey, Street Pastors

On a cold night in February, our Street Pastors came across A, who was very drunk and feeling very sad. One of her friends said that A had mental health problems and had been taking medication as well as lots of alcohol.

The team cared for her and kept her warm, and chatted with her and her friends. After about an hour, they managed to get her walking around and she seemed to be on the mend.

Like so many people that we help she was very apologetic about being drunk but eventually disclosed that she was also self-harming and felt very bad about herself in general. The team encouraged and affirmed her; and were also able to point her towards some of the counselling and support services available in the city.

This incident is fairly typical, and a good example of the Street Pastors motto in action: listening, caring, helping. Often, the greatest gift we can give to someone in need on the streets is time, whether it’s time for them to share their concerns, or the time they need to sober up, so that they can get home safely!

Typically, we don’t hear from the people we help – it’s all about those moments on the streets. However, we do get some feedback, such as this message:

Thank you, sir, I was very happy to see you today… I’m eternally grateful for your help in that most recent incident… Bless you and your colleagues for looking out for students when they may not even appreciate it. Waiting around in the cold, early on Saturday morning is not an enviable position. You have saved me and others from harm by doing so. Please extend to them my thanks. I feel very ashamed but eager to change so I’m never in that position again. We will stay in touch, I hope!

If you would like to know more about this potentially life-changing ministry, or to book a speaker for your church or group, please visit our website. Alternatively you can get in touch with the Genesis Trust office (01225 463549) or contact the Street Pastors Coordinator – Dennis Pearson –  on 07773 232602.