Volunteer Story – Darren, British Gas and Bath Foodbank

British Gas announced that they would like to support the Trussell Trust during the COVID-19 Pandemic and they asked their staff for volunteers who may be interested in giving up some of their time to help local Foodbanks.  Darren put up his hand saying “this seemed like a brilliant opportunity to help at this time. I am grateful that British Gas has allowed us this opportunity to get involved”.

We asked Darren what he likes about volunteering with Bath Foodbank:  “Seeing families with young children and rainbow pictures in the windows, in need of Bath Foodbanks help. It really makes me think about my own family and how I would cope in their position. It makes me thankful for being able to help people and make a small difference to their lives and remove a small amount of worry. I hope that British Gas can continue to support the Trussell Trust into the future”.

As a new volunteer we asked Darren what has surprised him most about his new volunteering role.

“What surprised me was the amount of people and varied backgrounds that need help and assistance.  I was unaware of the amount of people that rely on foodbanks day-to-day and not just during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I was also surprised by the amount of dedicated volunteers already giving up their time on a regular basis”.