Wedded Bliss for Life Skills Client

Cliff Turner came to Genesis Life Skills when his life fell apart. With a number of difficult situations hitting him at once, Cliff found that the stress left him struggling to function.

“Everything in my brain slowed down,” he describes, “and with memory problems too, I lost my responsible job in computing. Looking back, I realized I’d had a bit of a breakdown”.

Having connected with a Life Skills art group, Cliff was keen to get alongside others in the same situation, and began volunteering to do just that.

Cliff also joined Life Skills’ ‘Making Sense of Faith’ discussion group, and  has enjoyed a re-kindling of his Christian faith.  With his confidence boosted and a fresh ability to try new things, Cliff re-connected with an old family friend, Nicola Riley. With their faith in common, the pair quickly discovered that their relationship was becoming rather special.

Cliff and Nicola were married in a wonderful celebration at Resound Church in Bristol, with the  Genesis Trust Chaplain Rev Steve Hughes in charge of the ceremony.

Warm congratulations to Mr and Mrs Turner!