Our Projects

Genesis Trust Bath meets the needs of disadvantaged and homeless people through 10 interlinking projects. Our aim is to help individuals and families move forward in their lives by providing for their most immediate needs, and by empowering them to help themselves and reach their full potential. We do this by offering food, advice and support, and by offering more long-term opportunities for skill development, work and community integration.

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Via 3 different projects we provide meals for vulnerable adults every day of the week and on weekends. Through Bath Foodbank we also provide emergency food parcels to individuals and families.


We provide advice, support and clothing to rough sleepers and people in hardship, as well as a listening ear. We also offer information and support to families wanting to foster and adopt vulnerable individuals.


We sell furniture and household goods to families and individuals on benefits and / or low income. We also rescue unused furniture and accepts donations from across Bath and NE Somerset.

Activities, Training and Work Placements

We provide free informal courses for homeless and low-income individuals to learn skills and take part in a variety of practical activities.