The Need

Genesis Trust has been established in Bath for 22 years. We have seen many of the vulnerable and homeless adults in need of support in the city.

The seeds of the Genesis Trust were sown in 1990 when Bath hairdresser, Gail Hodges, saw some homeless teenagers rummaging in a bin for food. Realising they were sleeping rough, Gail started providing them with soup each night and so started the Bath soup run which still operates today 365 nights a year.

Since the charity was set up in 1995 we’ve realised that it’s not just rough sleepers that need our help. There are many individuals who are vulnerable due to addiction, mental illness, low income and lack of family support. By providing food, advice ,counselling and opportunities for people to learn new skills we reach out to over 4,000 adults a year. We work very closely with other support agencies in Bath, both statutory and voluntary. We enjoy partnership working and via our Family Matters project work closely with B&NES Children and Families team. We also provide educational courses in tandem with Bath College, Bath MIND  and B&NES Heritage Services team.

We help 640 adults every MONTH in Bath – and that is just scratching the surface of what we do.

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