Local People Behind the Numbers…

At the Genesis Trust, we help over 640 vulnerable and homeless adults every month.

Our work is not only about supporting and nurturing people , we aim to empower them as well.

We hope you’ll be inspired by how we have helped, and continue to support disadvantaged people in Bath.


Bath Foodbank

“Many thanks for your help at Manver’s Street. I was desperate and your food parcel has got me through a very tough patch in my life. I have never needed charity before and at 51 it was hard to even ask. I have been waiting on Job Seeker’s Allowance for over a month and have had no money whatsoever. Your staff were kind, considerate and discreet in helping me. I hope that people will continue to support you and allow you to continue helping people like myself.”

Furniture Project

” I contacted the Furniture Project with regards to helping me with a house clearance after the recent passing of my father.  I was particularly impressed with the professional manner in which everything was dealt with. I spoke with a young lady who was incredibly courteous and polite. Her manner was very comforting at a particularly difficult time and she answered all my queries and explained to me the services in detail… I will certainly be recommending you to others after how pleased I am with your services.”

Lifeline Centre

“I ended up homeless after a bad fall which meant I couldn’t work and I lost my job. I went to the Soup Run and someone there directed me to Lifeline.   At first I was wary of everyone but then I realised they were people a lot like me, they’d had pretty normal lives, something had happened that had knocked them for six and we’re all just trying to make the best of a bad situation.  When I came to Lifeline, the manager, Gloria put me at ease and got me a coffee, it was good to get a warm welcome.”

Life Skills

“I have suffered from clinical depression on and off for most of my life and out of all the support groups I have attended, Life Skills is certainly one of the best. I am currently a volunteer with Genesis and have been attending groups for over three years. I have found the activities to be extremely helpful and therapeutic. I find that my mood has been improved considerably as a result of working with others and becoming part of the genuine community spirit that Genesis creates.  Genesis is a Christian charity in the truest sense of the word and the clients who come here are always treated fairly and with respect. The staff are always friendly, helpful and understanding. I am never judged or put under excessive pressure and have always received good, constructive feedback for any work that I have done. I also find that volunteering gives me a real sense of purpose, which is something that I lacked during times of depression.