What an amazing year!

Thanks to you, our amazing supporters, we have continued to support hundreds of disadvantaged people in the local community, offering opportunities for them to make healthy choices and improve their lives and prospects.

You can read all about the impact you have made in our latest Annual Report Snapshot for the year to March 2019.

One person who has benefitted from your support is Anne (not her real name), who was very isolated and suffered from anxiety. Through one-to-one mentoring our team helped Anne to build up her confidence and self-esteem.  Over time she felt able to attend one of our activities and, as you will see in the Snapshot, reflected on her experience saying:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and it has really helped me. I am very isolated and I didn’t think I would manage in a group environment but the support, encouragement and consideration provided by all staff meant I felt very comfortable”.

Anne looked forward to her sessions every week as she felt “immersed in something that gave me some peace and made me feel a part of the world again”.

Invariably, the people we support are dealing with complex and multiple issues. We continue to be thankful that we can offer our clients unique, personalised support that honours and values each person regardless of their circumstances, and recognises that everyone has their own individual history.

This could not be done without your support and so we thank you, and encourage you to read about the difference you’re making. The interest and support you give is so encouraging and helps all involved with the Genesis Trust to provide hope and a future to homeless, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in and around Bath.