COVID-19 Snapshot Special

front cover of our 2019/20 snapshot

In September we usually share some of the highlights of our work from the previous financial year, summarised as an annual ‘snapshot’ of what you’ve helped us to achieve.

As with almost every area of life, this September is both the same and yet completely different to previous years. In order to reflect this, we have broadened the scope of our latest Snapshot, telling the story not just of the last financial year, but also of the first few months impacted by COVID-19.

The core of our work is a compassionate response to the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our city, some of whom face urgent financial, housing or mental health struggles. Through Lifeline, now based at the Gateway Centre on London Road, we have hosted 6,431 visits to our drop-in centre.  Here a warm welcome provides a safe space, a hot meal, clothing, showers and laundry, and crucially, support for people facing eviction or a financial precipice. COVID-19 has meant that the way we serve these clients has changed considerably, but we nevertheless had over 700 interactions supporting 130 individuals from April to June 2020.

Our Life Skills project has delivered 26 different creative, well-being and skill development courses to people who may be isolated, and struggling with poor mental health. With COVID-19 suddenly requiring everyone to keep apart physically, the transfer of many of our Life Skills activities to an online platform has made this service even more essential.

“Thank you for being there. You have kept me sane during this difficult time,” is one client’s response.

Our Foodbank has provided over 16,000 family meals, has also adapted considerably to be able to keep meeting the needs of those in crisis, whilst protecting the safety of clients, volunteers and staff.

We cannot do this work without all those who so generously support us, whether through time, money, prayer or simply by speaking well of what we do.

Thank you.

Please see the full version of our latest Snapshot here.