We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new Pathways Programme – four mentoring streams to support our clients to become empowered and independent.

Pathways will offer individual coaching and mentoring for adults who use our services as they move through the three stages of the Genesis vision: crisis, development and empowerment.

Sitting between development and empowerment, it will build on our crisis projects which provide more short-term support.

Our aim is to support people as they tackle complex problems, helping them to identify and reach their future goals.

We spoke to Caleb Mallard, Pathways & Volunteer Manager, to find out more about the programme.

“Over the years we’ve learnt that for our clients to make sustained changes over time, they need additional support that is tailored to their needs”.

“This is not about telling people what to do. It’s about recognising the power of the individual, based on our organisational values – believing that everyone has the potential to transform their lives”.

Pathways covers four common areas in which people need additional support: home, wellbeing, work and money. But Caleb emphasises the interlinking and fluid nature of the streams:

“This is our starting point. These are four areas that we identified as particularly important, but there is space to develop more or sub-categorise”.

As the programme is just getting underway we are looking for Volunteer Mentors who want to get involved in an exciting new opportunity.

“We recognise the fantastic power of our volunteers. They will be integral to the development and overall success of the programme”.

Would you like to find out more? We are having introduction meetings on:

Thursday 11th July – 7:30-8:30pm

Thursday 15th August – 1:30-2:30pm

Thursday 12th September – 7:30-8:30pm

The introduction meetings will continue on a monthly rolling basis. To register your interest or find out more, please contact Caleb.