Ian McKay has lived in Bath for over 30 years and so has seen Genesis Trust move through its various stages of providing for vulnerable people in Bath. He is part of St Luke’s church congregation who are strong supporters of Genesis Trust (they held the Wednesday Soup Run slot and support Bath Foodbank to name but a few ways).

Ian first volunteered for Genesis Trust in 2002 using his management consultancy background to support the organisational side of the charity. It wasn’t long before he became a member of the trustee board in 2003 and then vice chair in 2016 to support Peter Heywood. He has already been a big part of Genesis Trust’s history and growth.

Genesis Trust is not the only charity Ian is a Trustee for. A Rocha UK, who run the Eco Church programme, and Innovira also fall under Ian’s care, and he sees these commitments very much as a job in itself. His aim as Chair of Trustees is to help continue the transition through the next phase of Genesis’ development.

“It’s a really interesting time to be doing this with the pandemic having changed so many of Genesis’ practices. How we come out of that into a new way of working I see as an opportunity.”

Ian is interested in how supporters, staff, volunteers and everyone involved in Genesis Trust continue to serve whilst keeping each other safe. He believes Genesis Trust has adapted really well to continue serving people in our community through the Foodbank and the Gateway Centre. But now we need to look again at volunteering opportunities, church involvement and how we can best support vulnerable people. Questions like, ‘what should we seek to re-build?’ are key when Ian looks at his role as Chair of Trustees.

October saw the beginning of these discussions with Genesis Trust’s church leaders meeting, which Ian was part of. He feels hopeful that things like volunteering can become better than before for the good of the people Genesis Trust serves. It’s a challenge as we come out of COVID, but it’s also a great opportunity.

One thing Ian is really aware of is the impact that COVID has had on people’s mental health. It will continue to be a factor that affects our community and together we need to look at how Genesis Trust can help with this.

“I believe that the community and churches around Bath have a real heart for the marginalised and those on the fringes of society. They want to be part of how we serve.”

For Ian it is very much a team effort. The Trustee board will be looking for new members over the coming years and although we recognise some volunteers will want to step back, there will be others who are keen to get involved in whatever shape Genesis Trust takes as we move forward, together.