One of the Genesis Trust’s projects that we haven’t talked about for a while is Home for Good.  We would like to introduce you to Dave Kingswood, Project Leader for Home for Good Bath.  We asked him a few questions about what Home for Good does and how it has coped during the pandemic.

What does Home for Good do?

“Home for Good is a national Christian charity championing adoption and fostering in the church community.  It has a really simple mission and that is to find a loving home for every child in the UK that needs one.”

How has Home for Good Bath coped during the last year with COVID restrictions?

“Here in BANES, we have had a rewarding and tricky time over the COVID period like most people.  Although we have not been able to share in churches as much as we would like, we have been so encouraged by the amount of people that have responded to the needs of children and young people requiring foster and adoptive homes. Over the whole country, Home for Good experienced a five-fold increase in inquiries and here in BANES we are pleased to say that around a third of all people approved in fostering were because of direct referrals through us.”

Dave had to be creative over the last year in how the project engaged with young people in care as well as with parents and church leaders.  One particular success was a project called “Film your feet” which Home for Good did in collaboration with BANES fostering teams. The idea was to encourage young people to get a bit fitter over the summer and join in with their carers to do so.  To document their endeavours, they filmed their feet cycling, running, walking and many other activities.  Not only did kids get fitter, but they grew stronger bonds with their foster carers and social workers.

Unfortunately, every day more than 90 children are taken into care in the UK.  Many are removed from chaotic, traumatic, abusive and desperate situations and are in need of a loving and supportive home.  Dave, and Home for Good countrywide, help churches to welcome adoptive families and support individuals who want to foster and adopt.

What if there is someone who is interested in fostering?  What can they do?

“We run the Home for Good Foundations Course.  It is a free course and is for anyone who wants to explore more about fostering and adoption.  It is a fantastic way, from a Christian perspective, to explore what the Bible teaches about vulnerable people and to meet others who are also exploring taking in vulnerable kids.  We also talk about what it is like to journey with children and young people who are adopted or fostered. The course is run over six weeks and meets once a week for two hours.  Presently, the course is run online, but hopefully will be done in person later in the year.”

If you’d like to find out more or book onto the course, you can contact Dave at or call him at 07533 978055.