Life Skills

LIFE SKILLS are the skills that many people take for granted.

But if we are lacking in these skills, it can have a really big impact.

Our Life Skills project helps people who are in early recovery from addiction and abuse, mental health problems, isolation and lack of confidence. We teach  life skills courses and offer creative and practical activities to support and enable peoples’ journeys towards healthier,  more fulfilling lives.

Open: Tuesdays and Thursday. See the latest timetable for times.

Location: Gateway Centre, London Road, Bath, BA1 6DH

Contact us to get involved.

It’s split into three parts:

  •  – The life course
  •  – Gateway Activities/short courses
  •  – Zoom/Facebook live stream Activities

Diagram to show three life skills streams.


The Life Course is a 10-week course designed to teach people in recovery how to care for themselves, how to manage unhelpful thinking patterns, how to build and maintain healthy relationships and how to live both independently and interdependently.

See our poster for more details.

This course is for those who have faced any number of the following challenges:

  • – lack confidence and life skills
  • – have been homeless
  • – have been in active addiction
  • – suffer from mental health problems
  • – have a criminal record
  • – have been long term unemployed

BUT who want to make life changes and improve their lives.

Click here for essential information and Frequently Asked Questions about the Life course.

Download an application form and email or post to us at address below. (click here for pdf version).

Download a referral form and email or post to us at address below. (click here for pdf version).

Contact: Sue Fourie, Life skills Manager, Life Course Coordinator 

Email: or call: 07713864876        

The Gateway Centre, Snow Hill, London Road, Bath, BA1 6DH     



Attendees have to become a member of our private Life Skills online group to participate.

View our latest timetable.

These activities are for:

  • – vulnerable adults
  • – those in recovery
  • – mental health issues
  • – feeling isolated


Live Art stream on Facebook.

Members of the group vote on the activity and/or theme the week before the session via Facebook poll.

The stream goes live at 12, our facilitator Matt is live via Facebook broadcast, participants can comment, ask questions and interact. Upload photos to share their progress.

We encourage participants to be welcoming and interact with each other as well as our host Matt. There are huge benefits to this being live and not just a tutorial video. We have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to great themes and activities.

From sketchbook doodling to still-life watercolour. We have even designed and make our own comic book together!

Live Animation stream on Facebook

Participants are free to interact, make, suggestions and ask questions live during the stream.

Matt is a trained and industry-experienced animator and is more than happy to explain and demonstrate animation. The idea is to make animation accessible to complete novices and individuals with some experience.  Animation is a fun and creative activity, so why not give it a go!

The aim is to complete a mini project within the hour and a half we have together. We have covered a lot of clay-motion, stop motion, paper cut-out animation and basic examples to breathe life into inanimate objects!

We will learn techniques and tricks of animation together through very practical mini-projects, that are simple to follow at your own pace.  Matt is kind and patient and very happy to help everyone however get to grips with the techniques at their own pace.  If you’re curious about animation and you would like to get weekly support and encouragement from a professional, this course is for you!

Desert Island Discs on Zoom

Share, listen and enjoy our favourite music together. The group is led by experienced and talented musician Valerie. The aim of the group is to be a friendly and informal space to catch up and share some great music together! Each week we agree on a theme for the next session. We all share our track and Valerie puts together a playlist and we listen to the songs and share why we like the tune. A fun and supportive social group.

Faith group on Zoom

A confidential and supportive faith group via Zoom. We discuss topics related to the Christian faith. Open minded discussion with a different topic each week, no question is a silly question! We are regularly supported by our wonderful and knowledgeable, Genesis Trust Chaplin Steve. The opportunity for prayer is also offered.

So if you are curious about faith or are looking for a light and encouraging place to learn about Christianity this is for you.


Contact: Matt Prescott , Life Skills Facilitator and Artist

Email: or call: 07458 381732



See latest timetable here.

If you like the sound of any of these activities please email Sue for more details.


Download a referral form and email/post to us. (Click here for pdf version).

Contact: Sue/Matt on 01225 438362  or email:

The Gateway Centre, Snow  Hill, London Road, Bath, BA1 6DH