Recycle and Donate

Declutter and Donate with Ziffit

Many people have been using the lockdown to have a bit of a clear-out, but with charity shops and recycling centres closed, what do you do with your stuff? We’re all keen to avoid putting re-useable things into landfill.

We’ve teamed up with trade-in site Ziffit to enable you to get rid of your unwanted CDs, books, DVDs and games,  raising money for us in the process. Using the Ziffit website or app, type in or scan the barcode of your item, and at the ‘checkout’ you donate the money to us. You box up your stuff, leave it outside, and a courier will collect it, contact free and at no cost to you!

This is the link to our Ziffit page, or alternatively you can download the Ziffit app and select Genesis Trust as your chosen charity.


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Ebay is now enabling people to sell for charity. Just like giving to a charity shop in person, sell via Ebay and enable Genesis Trust to receive the funds.


When you recycle your old inkjet cartridges through Recycle4Charity it can raise funds for our work.

Please note that you will not be able to use old Recycle4Charity Freepost envelopes after 31st December 2020. Instead you can use your own envelope or box and print off a free postage label. Alternatively, you can put them into our Recycle4Charity collection box.

Start recycling now!


If it’s time to part with your car or motorcycle, Give A Car will collect it for you and a donation will be made to Genesis in return. You can arrange your collection and select Genesis Trust as your chosen charity here.

Cash 4 Coins, Poole | Bureaux De Change & Foreign Exchange - Yell

Donate your old or foreign coins and banknotes to help Genesis Trust. If you have any old foreign notes and coins left over from holidays and business trips in the past, or even any old or obsolete currency that can’t be exchanged at the bank anymore, then Cash4Coins will buy it all and turn it into a useful donation for Genesis Trust. Please contact us and we will send you a collection box.