Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

A thriving and supportive community in the Bath area where everyone has hope and a future.

Our Mission

At the heart of Genesis is Jesus and his call to love our neighbour. Our response is to support disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the Bath area, offering opportunities for them to make healthy choices and improve their lives and prospects.

What we do

We do this by meeting their immediate needs, providing compassionate help and journeying with them as they gain confidence, learn new skills, overcome challenges, improve their prospects, and make choices for themselves to restore and rebuild their lives.

As a Christian charity, Genesis works with local churches and volunteers in the wider community in Bath and the surrounding area to help disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and families to change their lives.

We provide and enable a range of practical and person-centred support services to help people in need develop healthier lifestyles and overcome poverty in all its forms.

We recognise that poverty is not just about lacking material resources but can encompass a lack of relationships and network of support, and a lack of identity and purpose. We aim to address this through practical help, personal encouragement, mentoring and training.

As an independent organisation that is not reliant on public funds, we encourage and enable a more community-based approach to providing long term transformational joined-up support.

Our Values – Beliefs

  • We believe there is always hope for the future.
  • We believe everyone has the potential to transform their lives.
  • We believe every person can discover purpose for their lives.
  • We believe in a mutually supportive community.
  • We believe in partnership and collaboration.

Our Values – Behaviours

  • We act with compassion, integrity and kindness.
  • We honour each person as unique and valued and support them regardless of faith, religion, age, ability, race, nationality, gender or sexuality.
  • We try to be generous and understanding.
  • We are straightforward in all our dealings.