What we do

We bring the community together to offer immediate practical help to people who are hungry, homeless and vulnerable and provide long-term opportunities for them to rebuild their lives. We work individually with people on their journey from despair to hope, from crisis to independence.

Why we do it

We believe each person is unique and deserves the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life. Our mission is create a supportive and thriving community where everyone has a future.


Our ten interlinking projects span across the BANES area and support people at every step – from practical help, to long-term support and mentoring. As a Christian organisation everything we do expresses our values of hope and compassion. We welcome everyone regardless of their faith.

Vision, Mission, Values

Why we help people who are struggling

The Need

Homelessness, hunger and poverty are a reality for many in and around Bath

Our Impact

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Our People

Meet our trustee and staff team

Our Story

Genesis Trust started with a soup run, now we have ten interlinking projects across Bath…


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