Life Skills

Life Skills at the Gateway Centre

At LIFE SKILLS we offer people access to a range of health and well-being activities that are practical, creative and therapeutic. Our aim is to provide activities that are relevant and of interest to people, meeting them where they are at in their lives without judgement or agenda, with the hope that our activities will be a part of their journey towards a healthier more fulfilling life.

We believe that the best care comes through healing the Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.  With this in mind we offer activities that bring a holistic approach to recovery, trauma and mental health, isolation and a lack of confidence.

Whether face to face or online our activities facilitate social participation for people to come to with their highs and lows and learn skills in vulnerability, honesty, vision, communication and purpose.  Many of the skills required for personal development.

Open: Tuesdays and Thursdays.  See the Latest timetable for details.

Referral:  Please contact us to participate in a group

Contact: Sue Fourie at  or call 01225 438362

Location: Gateway Centre, Snow Hill, London Road, Bath, BA1 6DH unless otherwise specified.

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