Our Impact

How is Genesis Trust making a difference in our community?

At Genesis Trust we understand how important it is to share with our supporters, volunteers and fundraisers the impact they are having through our work. Each year we publish a ‘Snapshot’, giving an insight into the year’s achievements and challenges.

Genesis Trust Snapshot 22/23

Click HERE to read our 2022-23 Snapshot

We are delighted to be sharing this year’s Snapshot with you all, covering our activities and highlights between April ’22 and March ‘23. This year focuses on the importance of relationship building across our projects.

Highlights include:

  • Updates from Genesis Life Projects, Bath Foodbank and Furniture Shop.
  • Life Connect, providing meals throughout the week as part of Genesis Life Projects.
  • Client, come volunteer, Lorraine shares her journey.
  • Genesis Life Projects’ adoption of a Psychologically Informed Environment [PIE] to better support clients and staff.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this year at Genesis. We are so grateful for your support in helping homeless and vulnerable adults as they journey to a better future. If you’d like to have a printed copy, please email Emma, emma.drew@genesistrust.org.uk. Or if you’d like to leave some at the back of your church, community group, school office, etc, please get in touch.

Genesis Trust Snapshot 21/22

Click HERE to read our 2021-22 Snapshot.

We are thrilled to share with you all this year’s Snapshot, a booklet that celebrates the hard work delivered by our staff, volunteers, supporters and clients between April 21 – March 22. 

  • Read updates from Genesis Life Projects, Bath Foodbank and our Furniture Shop. 
  • Hear how our client, come volunteer, Darren, has journeyed with Genesis Trust to an independent life. 
  • See our highlights and discover how Genesis Trust is using ‘Good Help’ to shape our interactions and relationships with clients.

Thanks you for being an important part of this life changing work. We are so grateful to call you a partner in reaching Bath’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable adults in the Bath area.

If you’d like to have a printed copy, please email Emma, emma.drew@genesistrust.org.uk with your address and she’ll send one to you. Or if you’d like to leave some at the back of your church, community group, school office etc, get in touch. 

Together we can share kindness and hope.

Genesis Trust Snapshot 20/21

Here are a few of the highlights from 2020/21:

  • 75 clients were involved in 26 different courses or activities which totalled more than 3,400 client-hours in our Life Skills project.
  • We introduced The Life Course which is aimed at supporting people in their recovery from addiction, trauma and poor mental health.
  • The launch of our online Furniture Shop.
  • 339 individuals with 3,254 interactions, an average of 271 per month in our Lifeline project.
  • The Bath Foodbank had over 2,765 deliveries which provided meals for 5,287 people, 1,482 of whom were children.
  • We introduced outdoor activities like “Walk & Talk” for health and safety reasons.