Lifeline at the Gateway Centre


As of Monday, 15 July, our Gateway Centre is closed due to flooding. We are working on finding a new place to run Lifeline and other projects. Click Gateway Updates above to get more information. Sorry for any inconvenience.

But we are still helping people in need!

  • Please use the contact information below to contact a staff member for support.
  • We cannot take any donations of clothes or bedding at the moment.
  • BUT WE STILL NEED SLEEPING BAGS. Please call 01225 439384 to speak to our team.

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Care Package Poster

Click HERE to see a printable poster with a list of items our guests at Lifeline regularly need. Could you or your organisation do a collection to help homeless and vulnerable people in your community?

Lifeline is a day centre providing crisis support for people who are homeless, vulnerably housed or experiencing complex challenges such as financial insecurity, mental ill-health and substance misuse.  We can provide food, clothing, small household items, access to a shower and laundry facilities, phones and IT and much more.

We also offer one-to-one support where guests can talk to a member of the team.  We particularly focus on the home, tenancy matters and financial problems; but if we can help on any matter we will endeavour to do so.  In all of this our attention is also directed at supporting the overall well-being of all who visit Lifeline.  We will endeavour to be encouraging and straightforward in our approach.

We host services for our guests such as hairdressers, vets, dentists, Curo  housing association and DHI from Drug & Alcohol services. Please call for more information as the dates and times as these vary throughout the year.

People can just drop in during opening hours, but we also operate a booking system which benefits visitors as it allows us to provide more focused support for each individual.

Book an appointment

If you know someone who could use some support or would like some help yourself, please book a time to visit by calling 01225 439384 or emailing us.  Everyone will receive a very warm welcome.


  • Mondays – 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • Wednesdays – 9:30am – 1:00pm
  • Fridays – 9:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Gateway Centre, Snow Hill, London Road, Bath, BA1 6DH

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Donations needed

Below are the donations that we need to help meet the immediate needs of people in our community. Our hope, as we meet people’s immediate needs, is to build trust that will lead to one-to-one support.

Clothes, toiletries and household goods

Please click HERE to see a list of clothes, toiletries and other items that we need.

Care Packages

Click HERE to see our Amazon Wish-List of items that are really helpful for rough sleepers and the boater community.