Our Story

The genesis of Genesis!

The seeds of Genesis Trust were sown in 1990 when Bath hairdresser, Gail Hodges, saw homeless teenagers rummaging in a bin for food. Realising that they were sleeping rough, Gail began to provide them with soup each night.

We officially became a charity in 1995 and since then have realised that it’s not just rough sleepers that need our support. There are many individuals who are vulnerable due to addiction, mental health issues, low income and lack of family support. Through our various interlinking projects we provide basic resources such as food, clothing and furniture, as well as more long-term support such as mentoring, skills workshops and work experience.

We work individually with people on their journey from crisis to independence and equip them with the tools needed to build a better life for themselves.

Since 2010 we have been saddened to see a persistent rise in homelessness across the South West and UK. Working alongside other support agencies in Bath, both statutory and voluntary, we are committed to ensuring that we reach out to everyone affected.