Life Thrive

What is Life Thrive and how does it support our clients?

An integral part of our client’s journey and what we do at Genesis Life Projects is targeted, focused 1:1 support work and intervention. Life Thrive encompasses all of the various types of 1:1 meetings we have across all of Genesis Life Projects.

Our 1:1 sessions at Genesis Life Projects are individually tailored based on the client’s needs and interests. Sometimes all that is needed is a one-off session; other times a block of 6 or 8 and sometimes it may be more long term. Whichever it is, a 1:1 is about building a trusting relationship and psychological safety. It’s where we strive to ignite hope and create motivation and engagement by identifying and working proactively on issues together.

If the situation is right, our clients may be encouraged to engage in a 6-month long Journey of Change programme. Journey of Change is underpinned by measurement tools that track changes in an individual’s mental health and behaviour so that the client and staff can see clear evidence of progress. Each client is treated as an individual and their Journey of Change can incorporate the various types of 1:1s listed below and have different goals based on their situation.

General 1:1s

Advisory sessions about lifestyle issues, housing, budgeting, employment and alcohol and drug use in partnership with local statutory and voluntary organisations.

Home Visit 1:1s

Focused 1:1 work with hard-to-reach people who have varying levels of engagement.  Their complex situations will have a person-centred approach tailored to their individual needs.

Creative Art 1:1

Offers blocks of 6 sessions using a variety of arts and creative activities which can help open lines of communication and aid guests in being able to communicate their feelings and thoughts.