Get Help

Everyone needs help at some point.

Here is some quick information so that you can find the support you need. Or if you want to help homeless people or know someone who needs support please contact us. Everyone will receive compassionate and confidential support.


As of Monday, 15 July, our Gateway Centre is closed due to flooding. We are working on finding a new place to run Lifeline and other projects. Click Gateway Updates above to read updates about where we will have temporary locations for our services. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We are still supporting people so please use the contact information below to contact a member of the Genesis team.

What we do

The Genesis Trust exists to offer immediate practical help to homeless and vulnerable people, and provide long-term help and opportunities for them through our interlinked projects to rebuild their lives. We work individually with people on their journey from despair to hope, from crisis to independence.

If you see someone sleeping rough

Street Link is a great way to help homeless people and will provide outreach workers who will help someone sleeping rough. You can use their website to make so that a support worker can come and help.


  1. Go to their website –
  2. Click “Help Someone Sleeping Rough”
  3. Follow the instructions which include entering the location of the person and the time you saw them.

Then an outreach person will go out to offer support. If you are someone who is sleeping rough, you can contact an outreach person from this website as well.  Just click “Get Help for Yourself.”

Book a meeting with a Genesis team member:

  1. Support with housing Issues
  2. Advocacy for finances (benefits, debt support & budgeting)
  3. Wellbeing advice
  4. Referrals to other agencies based on the individual’s needs

Book an appointment with our Lifeline team

Need a shower or to wash clothes?

We have a shower and laundry facilities that people are welcome to use free of charge.  Do call in during opening hours to use these facilities.  For further information please contact our Lifeline team.

Need clothing or toiletries?

We have good quality donated clothing available.  We also have various toiletries such as shampoo, deodorant, tooth brushes and more.  Please visit during opening hours to see what we have in stock.  Please contact our Lifeline Team for further information.

Need some nutritional food?

A great way to help homeless people is to get them a nutritional meal in a warm space where they can connect with someone who cares. There are three ways in which you can get some support with food: Lifeline, Bath Foodbank and Life Connect.


At Lifeline, Genesis Trust provides people with food parcels of nutritionally balanced meals including items like soup, pasta and sauce, milk, cereal and more. Contact our Lifeline Team for further information.

Bath Foodbank

The Foodbank works on a referral system so you will need a voucher from a support agency.  Click HERE for steps on how to get support with food.

Life Connect

Genesis Trust also provides free cooked meals throughout the week.  If you need a healthy meal and some extra support, you are most welcome to come to any of the following meals:

  • Wednesday breakfast at The Gateway Centre on London Road – 9:30-11:00am
  • Thursday lunch at St John’s the Evangelist Church on South Parade Road – 12:00-1:30pm
  • Friday lunch at The Gateway Centre on London Road – 12:00-1:00pm

You can read more by visiting our Life Connect page.

Other meals throughout the week

Click HERE to see a list of other places where someone could get a free meal during the week.

Need some furniture?

We can help qualifying people get a grant from a support agency to get needed furniture and a home starter pack that includes plates, cups, utensils and small kitchen appliances.

Contact Lifeline team for help.

Need phone or computer support?

Please contact our Lifeline Team to book an appointment.

Need support because of abuse, mental ill-health or isolation?

Please contact our Lifeline Team to book an appointment.

Need help with an addiction?

We run the SMART Recovery course.  SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training and is a programme that provides training and tools for people who want to change their problematic behaviour, including addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, shopping, internet and others

Please contact Sue Fourie if you have any questions or want to join the group. You can call 01225 438362.

We provide various activities and courses to support a person’s wellbeing

Life Skills

  1. Therapeutic and interesting activities and courses
  2. Helping to reduce isolation
  3. Promote social networks, self-esteem and communication skills

Visit our Life Skills page to see the courses that are running presently.  Contact our Life Skills Team if you have any questions.

Life Course

This course helps a person live better by increasing their life skills in areas such as:

  1. Self-care
  2. Thinking patterns
  3. Healthy relationships
  4. Life management

Visit our Life Course page to read more. Contact our Life Course Team if you have any questions.

Additional Resources