Donate Furniture

Donate your household items!

Thank you for considering us for your furniture and household goods donations!

We are able to accept donations of the following items: 

  • Single Bed Frame
  • Double Bed Frame
  • King Size Bed Frame
    • We do NOT accept divans or mattresses.  We only accept wooden or metal frames
  • Bedside Unit
  • Kitchen/ Dining Chairs
  • Sofas*
  • Sofa Beds*
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • Kitchen / Dining Table
  • Coffee Table
  • Quirky items of interest
  • Sets of 4 items of the following
    • Mugs
    • Glasses (tumbler type)
    • Knives, Forks, Spoons and teaspoons
    • Side Plates
    • Dinner Plates
    • Cereal Bowls

Items marked * require a fire resistance tag to be attached.

All items need to be in good, serviceable condition. We cannot accept items that are badly marked, stained, ripped, torn or badly faded.

Please also note that we do not accept donated electrical items.

Please email us a picture of each item of furniture that you want to donate at  Keep in mind, because of storage space, we are not able to accept everything.  If we accept it, we will then make arrangements with you as to how to get them to us!

Other ways to support us with household donations:

If you have things like CDs, books, DVDs and games, you can use an app called Ziffit to turn your items into donations for Genesis Trust. Read more here.

If you have your own eBay account, you can also choose to sell your furniture items yourself through eBay for charities. You will be responsible for managing the sale but you can choose to donate all or part of the profits to Genesis Trust.