Marian has been coming to Genesis Trust ever since her mother passed away in 2013. Since then, she has been through many difficulties, whether that has been mentally or physically.

Alongside coming to Genesis Trust’s Life Skills Project, Marian is also a part of the Writing Space which is a bi-weekly event hosted by Creativity Works in Radstock. Marian is a big fan of poetry and literature and in October, Marian’s poem “Letter to a park Bench” was chosen to be put on display at the Bath Central Library as part of Creativity Works 40-year celebration.

Upon asking Marian what her inspiration was for writing this poem she replied, “I quite often go and sit in Henrietta Gardens, and I felt that it would be nice to express how I felt about sitting there on a bench, and the idea came to me to write as if I was praising the bench.”

Marian told me that her intention was never to write the poem for display purposes, but instead she is an avid writer of poetry and it just happened to be one of the many poems she writes.

She takes inspiration out of her surroundings and every day life.  Whilst reading the poem, it is clear that Marian has a wonderfully natural talent for writing and a real connection with nature.  The bench comes to life as if it is a friend of hers and an important part of the park and her life.

Marian felt nervous at the idea that her poem was going to be displayed at the library, but she felt hopeful after receiving such positive feedback.

She said, “perhaps this is a turning point and one or two of my poems will be published in the future.”

Without Life Skills, the Life Course and Creativity Works, Marian said she would not have any confidence in her abilities and no other ways of socializing and getting out of the house. These courses are so valuable to Marian and so many others who come to Genesis Trust.  The courses have given her discipline and routine which she would otherwise not have in her day-to-day life, but also they have given her a new lease of life and hope for the future, a future where Genesis Trust is always going to be a part of her weekly routine.

Marian has a special relationship with Sue Fourie, the Manager of Life Projects, who she describes as a “great person to have in charge.”  Sue is not only a manager, but a friend to many of the clients who do not have family.  Marian is a real inspiration to all and a great example of how Genesis Trust helps vulnerable people in Bath move from crisis to independence.

If you’d like to help Genesis Trust in supporting people like Marian, please give to our Christmas Appeal of Hope.  You can enable more people like Marian to find their way to a better future.


Letter to a Park Bench by Marian

“You inspire my words on this damp day

No-one is resting on your solid frame

Many are the moments you recall

Seeped into your grainy structure


I see all you see in this shared moment

Of repose, within park life in action

In birds, in insects, trees and flowers

As rain drops dash rose petals, release perfume


Just watch the squirrels dart and climb

The bark of the huge cedar tree

Spread paws, tails aquiver, poised to jump

Down to my feet and stop, bold and curious


They run along your weathered arms

And take us to the words inscribed

On brass plaques, dedicated to those

Departed, those that loved this place.


Each voice is special, you live on

In conversation with the elements

When day is done, when gates are shut

When spirits fill the air


As night falls you settle down

You dwell in endless time

We will return to greet you, sit awhile

Basking in our offered restoration