Donate Food

There are three main ways that you can donate food to us:

1. Donate to Bath Foodbank

Please visit Bath Foodbank website to see the venues in Bath which accept food donations ( including local supermarkets ) and a  list of food currently needed as this changes frequently!

2. Donate surplus food if you’re a local restaurant or cafe

Businesses such as Pret a Manger in Bath provide our Soup Run project with surplus food.

Perhaps you are a catering company or a restaurant who no longer needs some of their stock.

If you would be interested in donation to our food projects, please contact Caleb on 01225 463549.


3. Buy our Genesis vouchers and ensure rough sleepers get fed.

Our Genesis voucher scheme allows vulnerable adults in Bath to receive food for as little as 50p.

If you’re an individual, why not spend £5 on ten vouchers and whenever you walk past a rough sleeper, you can offer a voucher instead of cash. One voucher will  buy a bacon sandwich at our Lunch Box project, 2 vouchers  buys a more substancial meal at Lunchbox, or a two course meal at our Sunday Centre.

If you are a local organisation, why not buy our vouchers in bulk?  If you are a retail outlet you could sell them in store or if your firm is office based, you could  encourage your employees to buy them?

The vouchers hold a monetary value of 50p each, which is donated straight back into our work – so it’s a win / win for everyone! To find out more about our vouchers go to our Genesis Trust Voucher page.


Want to Know More About Our Food Projects?

To find more about our food projects in Bath,

Soup Run

Lunch Box

Sunday Centre

Bath Foodbank