We would like to introduce you to Marina and say a big thank you to her for her commitment to helping others in need.  One of Genesis Trust’s core values is to try to be generous and understanding and so we would like to bring to your attention a story of generosity.

A few months ago, Marina raised over £400 for the Bath Foodbank by cooking fish paella dinners for friends and neighbours and asked them to donate to the Foodbank.  During lockdown many families were stuck inside and getting slightly bored of their own cooking or looking for a way to celebrate a birthday with a surprise that the lock down restrictions would allow.  She had the idea of offering to cook seafood paellas and home deliver them to friends here in Bath.  She made fourteen in total.

She has lived in Bath since 2010 but is originally from London.  Her mother is from Spain, hence why she cooked paella.  Marina and her husband had the opportunity to live in northern Spain for five years where she dedicated herself to charitable causes.

For example, at that time her 3-year old child went to a rural, run down infant school and she didn’t like the fact that the school looked so dreary.  With the school’s permission, she rallied some paint companies and about 150 parents to creatively paint the school.  It was a magical moment when the kids returned after the school holiday to see their transformed school.  And last February, she organised a crowdfunding campaign at Beechen Cliff School and raised £20,500 for pupil mental health.

When I asked her what motivates her to be so active in fundraising and helping others in need she said, “I have a great life and I want to give back.  Giving to others really feels good.”

But why the Bath Food Bank?

“The Foodbank helps people with food.  I love food and I struggle with people being hungry.  It also makes other people aware of the needs around them.”

So hats off to Marina for her efforts to support the work of Genesis Trust as we support the homeless and vulnerable in the Bath area!