We are still mourning the loss of a good friend. Darren Bishop was supported by Genesis Trust for 3 years and, unfortunately, passed away last Autumn from declining health conditions. Some of you may have met him at our Open Day last year, watched his video at our Thanksgiving Service at Bath Abbey in October 2022 or read about his journey in the Snapshot. He will always be remembered as someone who was determined to overcome his past addictions, who could make you laugh and was always willing to help others. He is missed.


Darren is a good example of how Genesis Trust empowers people towards independence. Through our support he rediscovered himself in a safe place where he knew he was cared for. We journeyed alongside him and discovered together opportunities where he could change his behaviour, give back to our community and thrive in life.

He knew he could seamlessly move between all the different projects at Genesis based on his needs which is a key part to someone’s recovery journey. And because of this he benefited from the power of trusting relationships. Darren became a good friend with many on the Genesis team.  Whether it was with Paul Solly, Lifeline Manager, through their one-to-one meetings or with Sue Fourie, Genesis Life Projects Manager, as they worked together on his journey to recovery.

‘Darren is remembered for many things.  What stands out for me was the grace he developed to forgive and love himself and others again.  What spurred this on was having a safe place to talk, to be himself and to be busy – it gave him HOPE.  In 2022 he attended the Life Course, Faith Group, Music Therapy, Food for Thought, Men’s Group, music group, Grow for Life, knitting and yoga.  He also unquestionably knew that there was a greater power supporting him and seeing him being baptised was something I’ll never forget.’

Sue Fourie – Genesis Life Projects Manager

A good example of how Darren’s recovery had given him space to give back was the Mosaic Project. The project produced a beautiful mosaic of a phoenix using the piecing together of small, colourful tiles. The goal was to provide an inclusive environment where all the Genesis guests could participate and work together.



Darren began working alongside Matt Prescott, Life Skills Facilitator, but it wasn’t long before he began to take ownership of it. He understood how important the community that would be developed as guests worked alongside each other adding to the image. He wanted it to be something wonderful for the guests at Genesis and encouraged people to take part. The project was a huge success!



But we could talk about many things Darren did to support people and make all our lives richer: his volunteering in the kitchen at our Gateway Centre, he loved making food for the guests at our ‘It’s a Wrap’ lunch, he spoke to students a few times at Prior Park College about his life recovery and all the gardening he loved doing around the Gateway Centre.


Darren learned to forgive himself for his past mistakes and became at peace with the person he was in the past and the person he was becoming. And because of this he always wanted to give back to the community around him. This also led to reconciling with his family; particularly with his father, his son and daughter.

“My own son who we lost recently was involved with the Genesis Trust in Bath, the help he was given spurred him on in life and instilled in him a need to use his experience of life on the streets or sleeping rough to help others break their personal chain and get back to a more manageable lifestyle, I have visited the Genesis Trust and seen some of the work being carried out there, the staff are truly amazing and resolute in their ongoing projects to give anyone looking for help the social tools to move on up.”

Andy Bishop, Darren’s Father 

It’s with your support that we can journey alongside many more people like Darren towards new beginnings and better futures. This is a community effort. Thank you for your support!