Thank you to our community who have donated food, money and time to the Bath Foodbank. The total weight of all food and toiletries donated in 2022-2023 was 68,000kg. That’s an equivalent weight of a fully loaded 737 airliner just to give you some perspective.  

This support is very important as we’ve unfortunately had a 33% increase in demand from the previous year. Through your support we have provided 3-day emergency food parcels for 4951 people which includes 1392 children. 

The increase in demand has encouraged Genesis Trust and the Bath Foodbank to offer further support to clients coming to collect food parcels to help them tackle underlying issues which brought them to the foodbank in the first place.  

New Partnerships 

We believe in strong partnerships and collaboration with other agencies. We understand that other organisations provide specialist services that more effectively support our clients. The Bath Foodbank now has a strong partnership with Citizen’s Advice and Clean Slate 

Currently, we have regular, in-person support from Clean Slate who offer free online training courses on practical topics such as budgeting, as well as helping people with their finances and improving their employability prospects. In the autumn the majority of Foodbank sessions will have in-person support from Citizen’s Advice, who will also offer online referrals. Citizen’s Advice will provide various types of support particularly dealing with benefits and debt.  

It is our goal to provide our clients access to a range of further support, enabling them to change their circumstances for the long term.  

BanktheFood App 

We have made donating food even easier with the ‘BankTheFood’ app which you can download onto your phone or computer. With weekly updates showing our most needed items, you can be sure you are donating what is most in demand. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just register and choose ‘Bath Foodbank’.  With the app you can know what we need most before you shop.  

Again, thank you to our local community, our volunteers and all the local organisations that work together to support local people in need.