This week sees a focus across the charity sector on Gift in Wills and how important they are in delivering our work across communities.  So, after supporting loved ones in your Will, how might a gift given to Genesis Trust, however small, have an impact? How will it affect the lives of the people who come to us for help?

If you speak with Sue Fourie, who leads Genesis Life Projects, she will tell you that the thing that makes our programmes effective is the emphasis on relationships.

‘The cornerstone of what we do is relationship building with the aim of igniting hope in our guests to motivate them into taking action, which enables change and recovery.’

From the moment a client first walks in with a need, every interaction they have with staff, volunteers and each other is part of the process of building relationships which leads to trust, community and positive change.

But relationships take time and that is where Gift in Wills comes in.

A gift given in the future means the relationship that starts now can continue to be nurtured for as long as it needs to. Gift in Wills enables the next interactions to develop and grow into seeds of hope and transformation.

At the beginning of the summer a long-standing guest called Sue sadly died, which was a real shock to the Genesis community. She was affectionately called ‘little Sue’ because of her small stature, but she was feisty, often negative and craved the relationships and community Genesis could give her. Many of our guests couldn’t attend her funeral in Salisbury, so we held a memorial service at our centre where many shared stories and memories.

Sue Fourie said, ‘She would have been amazed to see the crowd that came and just how loved she was. Sue came to Genesis because she felt at home here. A place where expression of affection is freely given no matter the circumstance. Where friendships are made, and bridges are built and where lives can change.’

Sue’s memorial and the community that gathered to remember her is a testament to the strength of relationships that are being built. To leave a Gift in your Will to Genesis Trust is to become an integral part of this relationship building process. A mechanism for positive change.

If you are considering leaving a gift to Genesis Trust in your Will, then thank you for helping build relationships with local vulnerable people like ‘little Sue’. Your gift, however big or small, will have an impact.

Two people who hold important relationships within Genesis Trust are Peter Heywood, founder and trustee, and John Acton, volunteer and fundraiser for Genesis Trust. To find out their motivations for leaving a Gift in their Wills to Genesis Trust, watch their video by clicking HERE.

Please contact Emma Drew, if you need any support with Gift in Wills. Alternatively, please read through our Gift in Wills webpage.

Together we can build the relationships that bring new beginnings and better futures.