Last week we held a very special event for our Lifeline and Life Skills visitors – a retreat day structured around the theme of ‘Oneness’, held at Ascension Church. Around 16 people took part including our very own Chaplain Steve, staff and volunteers.

The purpose of the event was to bring people together in a safe space to allow time for reflection and connection. The day included a series of talks and discussion on faith, and a host of creative activities including Biblical Bingo, art and board games.

One highlight of the day was creating a jigsaw puzzle together, where each person represented a separate piece – a metaphor to celebrate individual uniqueness and contribution to the whole.  Many of our visitors lead chaotic lives and are suffering with mental health issues and isolation. Using the theme of ‘Oneness’ enabled participants to recognise their place in our community, and the strength of diversity. Many people came away with a renewed sense of hope.

“It was such a relaxing event and nice to be somewhere different and have a think”.

“I felt light and warm”.

“I was so thankful to have been invited and it was just what I needed at this time”.

“Individual expression was woven into a unified whole”

Food kindly donated to us from M&S, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s was shared throughout the day. We hope to put on a similar event next year.

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