Genesis Trust was birthed from a compassionate desire to help those in crisis, and this continues to be the core of what we do. But we are always seeking new ways to enable people to move on from a lifestyle of chaos, where unhelpful relationships, self-destructive behaviour and addictions cause a never-ending and unhappy cycle.

We are now trialling a new ‘Life Course’, which has the potential to bring the kind of real change we long to see in our clients.  It’s a 10-week course designed to teach people in recovery how to care for themselves, how to manage unhelpful thinking patterns, how to build and maintain healthy relationships and live both independently and interdependently.

Those on the course are already finding it really beneficial. One client told us:

“The trainers were so welcoming and friendly. I’m doing all sorts of things I haven’t done for such a long time. I’m getting my life back.”

Another said:

“I have found being in a small group really beneficial.  It feels safe. I’m able to express my feelings and equally it is comforting to hear others express theirs.”

The Life Course requires real commitment to change from those taking part, and there are two sessions a week. There is no charge to join in, and we are interested to hear from anyone who works with someone they think might benefit, or who might want to join the waiting list for next term.

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