Where is God when we suffer?  Who is Jesus?  At Genesis’ Life Skills Project we offer a voluntary Faith Group where guests can explore the Christian faith in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  People are allowed to ask the difficult questions about God and consider the meaning of life. 

Matt Prescott, Life Skills Facilitator, leads the group with Steve Hughes, the Genesis Chaplain.

Matt said, “I was a little apprehensive about leading the group at first. But Carey who led it before me said ‘that’s why it’s called faith group! Have faith and you’ll be fine!’  So I did!”

The group aims to have an accessible and a personable look at the Christian faith.  It’s not just for Christians but anyone who is curious or wanting to know more about God’s love.  Lately, Matt has seen a big rise in attendance as more and more guests show interest.

The Genesis Life Projects, which includes Lifeline, Life Skills, the Life Course and the Pathways Programme, intend to support an increased wellbeing in the guests.  And the Faith Group is central to that as the group explores important topics like forgiveness, unconditional love, hope and peace which are key components of the Christian faith and healthy wellbeing.  .

Matt says, “We wholeheartedly encourage free discussion during the group with sound theological themes.  Looking at the life of Jesus Christ and the wider context of the Bible as a whole. We also have short, quiet prayer time together and worship songs for guests to reflect or sing to.

One guest said, “I am so grateful to Matt and the staff.  The Faith Group is a real blessing for me.  My faith is strengthened every week because of this.  We all gain so much from coming every week.  Thank you so much. “ 

A huge thank you to Matt and Steve for leading the Faith Group.  It takes quite a bit of navigating and a huge amount of patience and grace to lead this group as the course digs deep into some very important topics.

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