Getting Stuck in at the Furniture Project

Phil first joined us at the Furniture Project two years ago. He was unemployed and had previously been homeless as he struggled to survive on benefit payments.

“I was homeless at the age of 22. I used to work in tarmacking as a way to keep off the streets. I moved around a lot, living in my car and bedsits. I was too proud to ask my parents for help and there were virtually no services for homeless people at that time.”

As part of a work placement scheme with the Job Centre, Phil has been helping us for the past 6 months, collecting furniture, ordering the stock in the shop and organising the donations that we send to Bath Foodbank and our drop-in centre Lifeline.

“Having been homeless myself I really appreciate how hard it is for people and I enjoy making a difference. The greatest benefit for me is being able to mix with all kinds of people and keeping active. I always come to work dressed in my suit, I’ve had this same outfit since I was 15!”

Phil hopes to continue working with us once his placement finishes, and with increasing levels of poverty and homelessness across Bath, we can definitely use the help.

Working in partnership with St John’s Foundation, Welfare Services and Julian House, last year we provided 3,800 families and individuals with 6,750 low-cost household items – diverting 144 tons from landfill and offering 41 people the chance to gain valuable work and training experience.

“It has been a real pleasure welcoming Phil back. He has fitted in really well with the team and has become a highly valued member of the Furniture Project. It is always our ambition to help people like Phil move forward and realise their full potential as a member of our community” – Anthony, Furniture  Project Manager.

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