Let Genesis Trust’s Furniture Shop help you enhance your home as you help support homeless and vulnerable people from crisis to independence.

The Genesis Trust offers immediate practical help to people who are hungry, homeless and vulnerable, and provides long-term help and opportunities for them to rebuild their lives.  We work individually with people on their journey from despair to hope, from crisis to independence.

With that mission in mind, Genesis has an online Furniture Shop. We collect good quality furniture donations from the local community and then sell this quality, pre-loved furniture back to the community.  It’s also a great recycling effort and saves tons of furniture waste from going into landfills.  And all the profits support the charitable work of the Genesis Trust.

Because of the COVID pandemic, we had to close the previous physical furniture project but this gave us the opportunity to relaunch as a quality, pre-owned Furniture Shop in March 2021 fully and only online.   Since then, the Furniture Shop team has worked hard to hone the processes for collecting and preparing donations and selling furniture online using eBay as our shop window.

Part of that honing process is our new ONLINE DONATION FORM.  If you would like to donate furniture, please go to our website, click FURNITURE SHOP at the top of the page, and scroll down to our donation form.  Have one photo of each item of furniture you want to donate ready to upload to the form.

We also have a new Genesis Trust Furniture Shop video to explain how it all works.  It showcases the charitable mission of the shop.  Please watch it by clicking HERE.

Thank you for reading and keep our online Furniture Shop in mind the next time you need a quality piece of furniture or donate to us the next time you need to make some space in your home.  Check out our shop HERE.